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Play Healing Parent Podcast

Apr 9, 2024

Parenting through a divorce the play-fuelled way

In this heartfelt episode of the Play Healing Podcast, host Debi John collaborates with Sue Atkins to tackle the complex journey of parenting through a divorce. They delve into the significance of incorporating the "Pause, Play, Connect" model to navigate the challenges of divorce, offering listeners a blend of personal insights and expert advice on maintaining a nurturing environment for children amidst change. Sue shares her own experiences and the transformative role of play in healing and connection, providing a beacon of hope and guidance for parents in similar situations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Childhood and Play: Sue reminisces about the joys of childhood play and how it shaped her understanding of the world, underscoring the power of play in fostering creativity and resilience.

  • Play in Adulthood: Highlighting the continuation of play into adult life, Sue discusses the importance of maintaining a playful spirit through social interactions, self-care, and even pet companionship.

  • Pause, Play, Connect Model: The conversation explores the application of this model in the context of divorce, emphasizing the need to pause and reflect, find joy in play, and connect deeply with oneself and loved ones during times of transition.

  • Supporting Children Through Divorce: Sue provides valuable insights into communicating with children about divorce, ensuring they feel loved, heard, and secure despite the changes in their family structure.

  • Personal Well-being and Self-care: Recognising the emotional toll of divorce on parents, Sue advocates for self-care practices and seeking support to navigate the emotional landscape of ending a marriage.

About Sue Atkins:

Sue Atkins is a renowned parenting expert, author, and media personality who has dedicated her career to supporting families through the challenges of parenting. With a rich background in education and a deep passion for making a difference in the lives of children and parents alike, Sue brings compassion, wisdom, and practical advice to those navigating the complexities of divorce and family dynamics.

About Debi John:

Debi John is the host of the Play Healing Podcast, dedicated to exploring the therapeutic benefits of play in personal growth and family wellness. With expertise in play therapy, Debi's passion lies in uncovering and sharing the healing potential of play, providing listeners with the tools and inspiration to embrace playfulness in all aspects of life, especially during challenging times.

Join Debi and Sue in this inspiring episode as they share strategies for harnessing the power of play and connection to support children and parents alike through the journey of divorce, offering hope and practical advice for building a stronger, more connected future.